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For English visitors: welcome!

The Centro Italiano Filatelia Tematica (C.I.F.T.), the Italian Thematic Philately Centre, is one of the largest stamp associations in Italy; it groups more than 450 thematic collectors worldwide with the majority in Italy, of course.

The Centre publishes a full colour magazine (the "Notiziario Tematico" - look at this webpage, there are the abstracts of each article in english, too) 5 times per year; furthermore it manages a yearly auction among members only and publishes a full colour catalogue which is one of the more appreciated publication in the thematic philately area.

The "Directory" of the Centre lists all members' addresses as well as the various topics collected by everyone offering a wide possibility of contacts in order to find missing items or exchanging information and knowledge regarding a specific topic.

Further information on the procedure to join the Centre can be reached in this webpage or required to the Secretary of the association at the following address:

Via Tavanti, 8
50134 Firenze (Italy)

Otherwise, you can join for free to our Forum and insert a message for any information request (you will find dedicated sections for not italian users).

You are free to send us an article or your collection (as .jpg files), in english: we will publish them in our dedicated sections in this website; please, contact our President at the following address:

C.P. 17037 - Grottarossa
00189 Roma (Italy)

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