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Place name postmark
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Autore: [ 03/07/2009 14:40 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Place name postmark

In which period or years was such type of place name postmark used?
Date was not found inside the letter.


Autore:  Marco Occhipinti [ 04/07/2009 12:36 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Place name postmark

Hi Jin,

I don't study this period, but your item is surely a pre-philatelic cover.
Dentecane is a district of Pietradefusi, a town in province of Avellino (Campania, Italy, not so far from Naples). The postmark of Dentecane is the classical postmark of pre-philatelic period. But it's the other postmark to help us about the date, because the ''Real Servizio'' postmark is a 'must' of pre-philatelic period of the Two Sicilies Reign. Since 1820, the 115 offices of the Reign used to mark the covers with the normal postmark of the town (in your case, Dentecane) and, usually, with another postmark referred to the service, ''Real Servizio'' ( = ''Royal Service''), ''Franca'' ( = ''Franked'') or ''Assicurata'' ( = ''Insured'').
Your cover is postmarked by ''Real Servizio'' because was shipped by ''mastro di posta'' (post office director) of Dentecane to General Director of Reign Post, in Naples; the general direction was in fact established in Naples.
These postmarks were used for 40 years, at least till 1860, so, only by these elements it's impossible to assign a date to your cover. Probably, a specialist of local post of Naples environments could be more useful.
Here is a very similar cover, shipped on 1860.
real_servizio.jpg [ 14.85 KiB | Osservato 3560 volte ]

:ciao: :ciao: :ciao:

Autore: [ 04/08/2009 15:01 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Place name postmark

Thank you for your nice comment.

Autore:  armando santoro [ 02/01/2010 14:57 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Place name postmark

Salve, mi dispiace ma non conosco l'inglese.
Io colleziono proprio lettere prefilateliche dell'ufficio postale di Dentecane e vorrei sapere se la lettera in questione presenta all'interno un testo scritto o è in bianco. Inoltre vorrei sapere se è in vendita, se il proprietario è disposto a venderla.
A presto.

Autore:  Marco Occhipinti [ 02/01/2010 15:22 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Place name postmark

Ciao Armando e ben arrivato sul nostro Forum. Traduco in inglese il tuo messaggio per Jin.

Hi Jin,
our new friend Armando would know if the letter of Dentecane is written inside or not, and if you could sell it to him.
Cheers, Marco.

:ciao: :ciao: :ciao:

Autore:  Marco Occhipinti [ 02/01/2010 15:25 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Place name postmark

Per Armando.
Aggiungo: si, è in vendita sul sito di Jin; anzi, ce ne stanno ben tre:

:ciao: :ciao: :ciao:

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