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Stamps of Italy
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Autore:  Bladerunner [ 21/05/2008 19:47 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Stamps of Italy ... D=94&Tip=1
- the new catalogue stamps of Italy

Autore:  Marco Occhipinti [ 21/05/2008 23:29 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Stamps of Italy

Hi Bladerunner and welcome to this board :beer:

I've seen your web site, and I think that it's a huge project, not only to insert the existing stamps, but to maintain upgraded it, too.

I have a question for you, with an example.
In Italy category, year 2002, there is the stamp of "Scuola Navale Militare Francesco Morosini - Venezia", and this stamp was described as "Scholen en universiteiten".
But there are other stamps with school, in Italy country, and with a simple search of keyword "school" I see other 4 stamps. These 4 stamps are described as "school", and not as "scholen".
This happens because an english person uses an english description, while a german person uses a german description.
And a spanish person? An italian person? If all registered users would insert their stamps with descriptions in their language, the search engine will be not more useful.

Have you thought about this?

:ciao: :ciao: :ciao:

Autore:  Bladerunner [ 23/05/2008 18:35 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Stamps of Italy

Good day, Marko.
Thanks for looking our site. Unfortunately, we wrote description of Italian stamps on german, because it was from German catalogue.
You was right, multilanguage site is very big problem, now we can write descriprion on english and russian. But we hope that visitors our site will send us any stamps with description on their language. Also we can suggest to you to be administrator of italian stamps (if you will want it) .

Autore:  Marco Occhipinti [ 25/05/2008 23:48 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Stamps of Italy

Hi Bladerunner,

I'd like to help you on your project, but I really have not time to spent on: all my activities (on my job, on my collections and on Internet) actually don't leave me any free time more.

About your project, I haven't got a solution: surely, starting the project, I would select only one language (the english, of course), so to create an universal web site for all people (for example, I don't understand the german, so I could not use your web site for my personal search... it's an example, but as me, probably, some other people could have similar problems).
However, I hope that your web site will be soon an important resource for all philatelists.

:ciao: :ciao: :ciao:

Autore:  Bladerunner [ 03/06/2008 17:44 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Stamps of Italy

Thanks for your opinion. It's very important for me. :)
I hope that my web site will be have substantial contribution in philatelistics.

but now i have a question what resources I can add.
what do you think, how services will be useful for stamps collectors?
what do you want to see on any stamps catalogue?


Autore:  Marco Occhipinti [ 03/06/2008 18:44 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Stamps of Italy

Hi Bladerunner,

well, as thematic collector, in the "perfect" catalogue I'd like to see:
- country
- year
- face value, with currency
- colours
- stamp image
- description
- numbers of main catalogues (Michel, Scott, Yvert)
- cost (a media between the catalogue)
Other information, for me, are not so important.
I see that you use Michel numbers, but not all people has Michel catalogues (I have not them, for example).

Another feature to develop could be the export of a list. For example... I see a stamp, and I like it: I put it in a virtual basket; I do the same with other 2, 3, 4, ...20 stamps; then, I go to my virtual basket, and export the basket as a .txt file, or a .csv file (read by Excel): I don't buy them, because you are not a seller, but I obtain my personalized list, with all that fields (above all, catalogues numbers). In this way, you provide to your registered users an useful feature.

:ciao: :ciao: :ciao:

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